Full results for the 2011 San Diego Regional

Results for each day’s morning and afternoon games will be posted in the evening of the same day. Evening games will be posted the next morning. Press the Refresh button in your internet browser to check for the latest results. Results for multi-day events are posted under the starting date. This year the results include contract information from the Bridgemate devices. Send feedback and questions to the La Jolla Unit webmaster.

A big THANKS to the 1563 of you who played in our tournament! That is 24% more people than last year! Come again next year and bring someone new!

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List of event winners (ACBL website)
Player masterpoint totals (Total Masterpoints awarded: 12953.74, Total tables: 2240)


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Fast Open Pairs (1st session)183881619
Afternoon Fast Open Pairs (2nd session)178980319
A/X Swiss Teams43
BCD Swiss Teams29


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)3623212240
Morning Side Game Pairs188283811
Morning Gold Rush Pairs (1st session)29220821
Morning 299er Pairs966013
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)3809229440
Afternoon Side Game Pairs156860816
Afternoon Gold Rush Pairs (2nd session)29521719
Afternoon 299er Pairs98559
Afternoon Swiss Teams3924137132
Evening Side Game Pairs15383584
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 110180680816
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 22113157614
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 377957714
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 447443414
Compact Knock Out Teams Bracket 525621014
Side Game Series Overall Winners (Tue-Sat)


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)3205204852
Morning Side Game Pairs124069213
Morning Gold Rush Pairs (1st session, I J)30122018
Morning Gold Rush Pairs (1st session, K L)25220418
Morning 299er Pairs855012
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)3146201352
Afternoon Side Game Pairs115960119
Afternoon Gold Rush Pairs (2nd session, I J)30021819
Afternoon Gold Rush Pairs (2nd session, K T)25220418
Afternoon 299er Pairs97659
Afternoon Swiss Teams5502125318
Evening Side Game Pairs207355614
Evening Swiss Teams (Fri-Sat)6735173714
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 18226577913
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 2123797114
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 355545815
Knock Out Teams (Fri-Sat) Bracket 428823416


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session, J L)2927143728
Morning Open Pairs (1st session, K M)2673120730
Morning Side Game Pairs138568422
Morning 299er Pairs854922
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session, J K)2480116330
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session, L M)3112145528
Afternoon Side Game Pairs79940420
Afternoon 299er Pairs1106112
Afternoon Swiss Teams*244099442
Evening Side Game Pairs150760413
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 19492570116
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 2113191816
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 348944216
Knock Out Teams (Thu-Fri) Bracket 4**23218416

*Masterpoint totals shown for this event are incorrect (too high) because the event was initially rated incorrectly. Check your ACBL account for the correct award.

**Revised April 25th: Previous version had the wrong team as the winner of the final match.


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)3208164143
Morning Side Game Pairs109461014
Morning 299er Pairs824426
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)3180161743
Afternoon Side Game Pairs104249521
Afternoon 299er Pairs1077314
Afternoon Swiss Teams222387842
Evening Side Game Pairs164565613
Evening Swiss Teams (Wed-Thu)5810179821
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 111966727416
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 22378205614
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 3103884016
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 465754916
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 549843016
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 633731814
Knock Out Teams (Wed-Thu) Bracket 722416616


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Morning Open Pairs (1st session)3025134241
Morning Side Game Pairs12778127
Morning 299er Pairs683027
Afternoon Open Pairs (2nd session)2992130841
Afternoon Side Game Pairs93749119
Afternoon 299er Pairs986521
Afternoon Swiss Teams243168852
Evening Side Game Pairs174760415
Evening Swiss Teams3753121612
Compact Knock Out Teams - Bracket 18092561610
Compact Knock Out Teams - Bracket 21769139816
Compact Knock Out Teams - Bracket 378364514
Compact Knock Out Teams - Bracket 456845114
Compact Knock Out Teams - Bracket 538134314
Compact Knock Out Teams - Bracket 618412516

Should you play up in Knock Out teams to get more experience? Why not? They’re not really that much better than you—except Bracket 1 which is a world unto itself.


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Charity Afternoon Open Pairs280176832
Charity Afternoon 299er Pairs793616
Charity Evening Open Pairs275599821
Charity Evening 299er Pairs81547
Charity Afternoon Swiss Teams193378814
Kickoff Knockout Teams (Mon-Tue) - Bracket 112945796413
Kickoff Knockout Teams (Mon-Tue) - Bracket 2140211169
Kickoff Knockout Teams (Mon-Tue) - Bracket 344536713

Half tables are dropped from the totals shown here.

The field strength numbers are computed as the arithmetic and geometric means respectively of the masterpoint holdings for all ACBL members in an event. The masterpoint system is really an award system rather than a rating system. However, despite the entanglements of longevity, frequency of play, and grade inflation (especially triple point charity games, curtailed in 2010), masterpoint holdings must have some correlation with skill level, especially when averaged over all players in an entire event. And in a Rumsfeldian sort of way it is the system we have if not the one we want to have.

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In order to introduce the feature I have uploaded faces for many San Diego regulars, including nearly everyone in the North San Diego unit and many of the La Jolla Unit game regulars. If you would like to have your picture added or wish to submit a different picture please e-mail the picture and your player number to me. If there are multiple people in the picture be sure to indicate which one is you. If you prefer that your picture not be displayed, e-mail me and I will remove it from the face database promptly.

If you submit a picture and want to make my life easy, crop the image to your face and resize it so that the longest dimension is 150 pixels. If you do not understand what this means, don’t worry - just e-mail me the picture.